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Commentary for a lazy Sunday

First, Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, but most especially to peachespig!

Okay. Time to distract myself from this absolutely horrible baseball game (Giants down by 4, stupid anemic offense) by posting about my weekend.

amybang stayed a few days after the concert; she met me Friday after work and we went to see Pirates. Since it's been reviewing so poorly I went in with very low expectations -- I sat back, turned my brain off, and settled in to enjoyed a fun ride. Not long into the film, I found myself sitting forward and turning my brain back on. In the end, I found that I liked it rather a lot. Certainly better than the second film; it took all the threads that the second and even the first had left hanging, tossed a few more balls in the air, and then tied everything up in a way I found quite satisfying.

Interesting (if long) Henry Jenkins blog entry on Pirates 3 and why the critics got it wrong here. Some spoilers in there.

Yesterday ended up really busy. My mom had asked a few weeks ago whether she could come down and spend a day with me in the City. Then my new boss announced a retirement party for my former boss that same night. And then I learned that concertinette was flying into town, and Saturday afternoon might be my only chance to see her. So I choreographed my day carefully: after a quick breakfast, amybang and I picked up my mom, we spent a few hours hanging out at the Ferry Building and at home, and then I dropped her back at the bus station just in time to head for the airport. Then we did the Berkeley thing for a couple more hours (including crepes, a dangerous bead store, and wandering campus a bit), after which they gave me a ride to the party at my new boss's (huge, gorgeous, oh-i-am-so-jealous) house in the Berkeley hills. A fun day, but so busy.

So today, after dropping amybang at the airport this morning, I get my lazy sitting around the house day. With laundry. And poorly-played baseball. (But at least that part is finally over, and I can stop cringing at the television.)
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