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X-2 gameblogging: Chapter 2 and the start of Chapter 3

So actually I played most of Chapter 2 awhile ago, but then I came up against that battle with Baralai near the end of the chapter, and for some reason I couldn't beat him. And then I didn't have time to play again for a few weeks, so the project feel away for a bit. But tonight I was spacing out online and couldn't focus enough to write, so I decided to play a bit. Now, I don't know why Baralai gave me so much trouble before, because this evening I wiped the floor with him. Then I went on to beat Bahamut, and then the battles at Besaid Temple and Kilika Temple. Of course, I forgot that Kilika is the battle that triggers your being forced to Djose, so I ended up wiping out most of that battle and going back to an older save. But beating those demon things was a lot easier with Alchemist (somehow I never found Alchemist the first time I played the game), so I don't anticipate having any trouble when I go back.

Thoughts on Chapter 2: Wow, I had forgotten just what an annoying, imperious ass Beclem is. Since I've been writing him lately, I've been tending to think of him as more sympathetic, but it was good to remind myself what he looks like to an outsider. Still baffled by Cid's dramatic reaction to being dressed down by Yuna -- the turnaround is so sudden, and so complete. Weird. Nooj and Paine outside the Den of Woe: oh yeah. All the tension I remembered and more, not to mention how quickly Rikku and Yuna pick up on it. I also watched Nooj and Leblanc's interaction in the chateau quite carefully, and I have to say, he seems pretty dismissive of her. The tone in which he says "You take care" as he takes his leave? It's polite, but not particularly warm. If there's anything going on there, it can't mean much to him. The interaction between Paine and Baralai beneath Bevelle is also more telling than I remembered: when he brings up Nooj, Paine turns to look straight at him and looks flabbergasted. "You talked to Nooj?" It's as though she's dropped all pretense of not knowing them in that moment, because that possibility is just so shocking to her.

Sphere Break is next, and the rest of Chapter 3. Hopefully this time it won't be months before I can pick it up again!
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