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Walking moose

So my work is doing this thing where they give us a pedometer and we try to take 10,000 steps per day. I signed on mostly because I was curious to see how far I walk on average, but of course really it's a toy for me to play with. How many steps is it to the bus stop? (About 500.) How about to the parking garage where I keep my car? (Not quite 1000.) Between the library and the main building? Does it understand stairs? Would it be confused if I ran? What if I stepped sideways like a crab all day? I must experiment.

Yesterday was the first day, and I got about 7600 steps in. But I didn't put it on until after I got to work; then again, I wandered all over downtown Palo Alto last night, so I'm not sure how that balances out. On the third hand, I don't think I was wearing it right at first -- I walked five or six blocks from the train to my mechanic yesterday (a minor problem, the car is fine), and it barely registered. So I'll need to play with it some more.
Tags: exercise, mundane

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