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For all that I embrace technology and am a big fan of the Internet, it can take me awhile to start up with a new tool. Case in point: del.icio.us. I've known about it for ages, thought about messing with it, but it took heyheyrenay enthusing at me about it to get me to finally try it out.

So today, in fits and starts throughout the day, I went through all my browser bookmarks and tagged the ones that still worked, and now I have them all nice and organized. The whole process went so fast -- almost two hundred links, and I classified them in a matter of hours. Almost ridiculously easy. It had gotten to the point that I was reluctant to add bookmarks because I was afraid I'd never find them again. No more. And of course having them classified and cross-referenced appeals to the librarian within.

It's a great tool. Definitely recommended. Now I'm tempted to go through all my LJ entries and tag them in del.icio.us. But that's another project for another day.
Tags: internet, librarian, meta

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