KJ (owlmoose) wrote,

Hawaii report - fandom edition

So I have many more serious and thoughtful things to say about the Hawaii trip, but I had a few fandom-related things to get off my chest first:

-- Everyone who has ever wondered about Wakka and his odd accent: wonder no longer. His accent, and that of the Aurochs and others from Besaid and Kilika, is Hawaiian, or meant to be. I'm pretty sure of it. And it makes sense: Besaid looks a great deal like Hawaii, at least the white sand beach and rainforest parts of it, and that mountain could sure be volcanic in origin. Also, Hawaii is a very popular vacation spot for Japanese tourists, so it's entirely possible that the game designers had it in mind.

-- Parts of the Big Island are a desert. I had known that going in, but I didn't realize that there would actually be cactus growing there. At one point we stopped to take some pictures, and the wind blowing through the cacti and the grass made a very familiar sound. Now, I'm not saying that the little giggles of the cactaur are based on that sound. But I'm not convinced that they aren't, either.

-- One day driving along the Kona coast, we went past a store named "Just Ukes". I'm sure they were referring to ukuleles. But that's sure not the first thing that came to my mind... my poor brain, ruined for life by fandom. ;)
Tags: fandom, travel

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