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I saw the movie Mean Girls last night with M and S and was most impressed. It's Heathers for the current teen generation, except a bit more bubbly and somewhat less dark (for one thing, nobody dies). This was my first movie with the lead actress, Lindsey Lohan, but I do not expect it to be the last -- she was marvellous, perfectly portraying the journey from sweet, smart girl to school-ruling bitch and back. Definitely recommended, especially to any girl who ever survived high school.

Afterwards, the three of us (former teenage girls all) discussed the film, and agreed that it captured the real girl dynamic, but it was a couple of years late. The main characters were juniors, and we thought the backstabbing, cat-fighting, and jockying for social position felt more like junior high than high school. In our experience, most girls had settled down by the time they were high school juniors and the social in-fighting was not so fierce. Yet there was definitely something true about it. The screenplay was based on a nonfiction book, so perhaps that not surprising. But I'd bet that the author, Tina Fey, was also drawing on her own experiences as a bona-fide former teenage girl.

Also, the new neighborhood Borders opened this week. Whee!
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