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X-2 Gameblogging: Chapter 4

Blah blah Tobli, blah blah Mi'ihen mystery, blah blah concert. Chapter 4 is all about the Commspheres, baby!

I am possibly the only person in the history of gamerdom who actually enjoys watching the Commspheres. It's a little tedious, having to check on each one over and over, but I think it's worth it. So many character tidbits, so many little things setting up the next chapter and the potential future of Spira. I adore it.

Some excellent character moments, really. Maybe my favorite was Isaaru and his brothers at the hot springs. Maroda needles Isaaru for never changing, and Isaaru claims consistance as one of his "best assets". Pacce wonders what an asset is, and one of his Kinderguardian friends asks if he has one. Maroda tells the kids that no one can say what their own assets are, other people have to tell you. Isaaru advances on his brother, who is sitting on the ground at the edge of the spring, and glares down at him. "Maroda, may I have a word with you?" His voice is notably grumpy. Maroda shrugs, stands up, and they walk off stage. A beat of silence. Follwed by a jolt of lightning. Maroda yelps; Pacce jumps out of the spring to look in their direction. Then he gets back in the water with his friends. End scene.

I just love this: Maroda and Isaaru, bickering like brothers do. I have to say, if I'd had lightning spells at my comment when my little brothers were obnoxious at me, I'd be tempted. And Pacce watching like it's just another Saturday night at home. Just excellent. Also at the hot springs you get Nhadala, Cid, and Rin talking about the future of the Al Bhed, their different visions and attitudes, and I find that very interesting. And Buddy getting a backrub from a Hypello, which is just funny.

The cooling tempers of the Ronso, O'aka worrying about his lack of customers, Beclem talking wistfully about the friendship he couldn't form with Wakka, Dona pining for Barthello in her own prickly way, goons chatting outside Chateau Leblanc -- and one of the them is Al Bhed! He talks about Cid blowing up Home and speaks a bit of the language! Either I missed that last time or I had totally forgotten, but the implications of Al Bhed as members of the Syndicate are fascinating. Yaibel spinning in the air like a blitz player, Bad Attitude Guard at Youth League headquarters (who may be my new favorite bit character), the Al Bhed at Djose who steals the commsphere for parts. There are so many things to see, both serious bits and throwaways, and I just enjoy poring over them all, even if it did take three hours.

One other commsphere transmission I have to mention, of course: the scene of Gippal and Nooj talking on the Farplane, the bit that gets cut off, the lost dialogue that launched a thousand fics (okay, maybe only a dozen so far, but still). It was a kick to watch it again with all these different scenarios in mind, the silly and the serious.

So now it's endgame, or could be. But there are a number of things in this chapter I've never done properly, mostly having to do with chocobo breeding, the publicity game, Brother's big cutscene (which I'm positive I finally set up properly), and of course finishing Via Infinito. Whether I'll be able to manage all that on this game, I don't know. I want the Via Infinito at least. I will see Trema, yes I will.
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