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-- Enjoying the Wii, a lot. Super Paper Mario is loads of fun, even if I still have trouble sometimes getting Mario to land exactly where I want him to. Half the time, when T gets irritated with me for making mistakes, I swear I meant to do exactly what he thinks I ought to be doing; I'm not being an idiot, I'm having trouble with the buttons. But I got better at Ratchet and Clank, so I'm bound to get better at this, given time. And I'm enjoying myself in the meantime. I think Zelda is probably next.

-- Things that make me feel old, #4723: Talking to one of the student workers about music, he states his belief that "that guy from the Cure" is the founding father of emo, and I respond that I think Morrisey probably had just as much if not more to do with it.


He'd never heard of the Smiths, either. At least he recognized Robert Smith's name when I said it.

-- Ratatouille was fun, and funny, and sweet. Some incredible animation. The rats? Look like rats. Not so much their faces, but their body shape and the way they move are impressively realistic. Some great voice acting, too. Recommended.

I had this idea that there was more I wanted to talk about, but I forget and now it's late, so I'll save it for next time. Au revoir!
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