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Philosophical differences

Our CD case has been slowly overflowing for years (there were several piles of music on the floor), and our DVD/game rack was on the verge of spilling over. After months of half-hearted discussion, we finally got around to doing something about it: we bought several large CD wallets, moved all the CDs in there and put the jewelcases in boxes, and shifted the DVDs and games into the former CD shelves. Now we have six large wallets full of CDs, lots of room for DVD and game expansion, an empty DVD rack that will probably house books when we decide where to put it, and four boxes to store... somewhere.

It was kind of amusing to watch the different ways that T and I store our CDs. CDs are the one thing in my life that I care about keeping in very specific order -- alphabetical by artist's last name or the name of the band, then in order of release. Classical CDs are stored separately (alphabetical by composer, then order of composition), as are soundtracks (alphabetical by title, except for a few by single artist which are filed with that artist's other albums) and compilations (alphabetical by title). This will make filing in new stuff a pain; I fully recognize this, but I can't bring myself to organize them any other way. Otherwise how will I find a CD when I want to listen to it? Books are kept far more haphazardly. I've given up on trying to figure out why.

T, on the other hand, filed his CDs approximately in the order he got them. Sort of a "last in, first available" policy. It makes sense (and will make adding in new albums much easier), but god help me if I ever want to dig out one of his albums.

In other news: www.owlmoose.com

Nothing there whatsoever, but I decided it was time to stake my claim. As soon as there's any live content, y'all will be among the first to know!
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