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Via Infinito

Minor spoilers for the later levels, and a few other things in Chapter 5.

So beating this dungeon was high on my agenda for this replay. Easier said than done. So the last time I played the game, I got stuck on level 80, fighting the Yunalesca unsent that turns into a crazy basilisk-thing, and it was starting to look like it would happen again. After several dozen fruitless tries, I ran myself through levels 60 through 80 one more time, beefing myself up, then went to Bikanel and dug for awhile, which had the side benefit getting the Djose Experiment to top level for the first time ever. So I got to see the awesome cutscene with Paine awkwardly trying to tell Yuna and Rikku what their friendship means to her (and at the same time putting the kibosh on any Paine/Gippal ship).

Anyway, finally, finally, finally I won that battle. And, assuming that like after every Via Infinito boss, I foraged on, assuming that the monsters in the dungeon would be harder than before, but not impossibly hard, and so good level fodder. Wrong. The monsters in level 81-99 are repeats of the boss battles at the higher levels (including, yes, the one on level 80 that took me 50 million tries to beat), plus a few other choice nasty creatures, including those Drakes you have to avoid in previous dungeons, lest you get instantly squashed, and a funguar-type that often casts Ultima as its first action. Wonderful. I did a lot of running, especially later on, once the fiends start showing up in pairs.

But I made it through, to the bottom floor. This battle is in two parts. The first one isn't too bad; I can beat it about one time out of three. (And who is that attractive young warrior dude? I certainly don't recognize him as a character from FFX, unlike the other four unsent who turn into monsters -- Kinoc, Jyscal, Mika, and Yunalesca/Zaon. Very curious as to who he is meant to be.) Then you get this speech by Trema, who appears to be utterly insane. Then you have to fight him, which I can already tell is going to be a problem. No time to heal between battles, of course, and so far every time at least one of the girls is KO'd when I start. I have a feeling I'm going to be hearing a lot of that speech...
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