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So today I went to Large Coffee Chain to get my breakfast. I ordered my latte and my scone, and then I opened my bag to see a gaping pocket where my wallet usually is. Immediately I realized that I'd left it behind -- I'd pulled out my credit card to order some slides from a website.

I looked up at the barista apologetically and handed back the scone. "Sorry, I left my wallet in the office."

He waved me off. "Pay for it tomorrow if you want."

And so it was that I got a free grande cinnamon latte and a pumpkin scone. Except not really, because I do have every intention of paying the next time I go, with a generous tip. If I'm going to get good service because they recognize me (and although I don't come in every day, they do see me a good 2-3 days each week), I'd better not repay that by stealing their stuff.
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