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We could watch Heroes (forever and ever)

After months and months of hearing about this show and being advised to check it out, I picked up the DVDs of the first season. It took us awhile to get around to it -- T was curious as well, and since shows that we both like are few and far between (right now, just Top Chef and The Daily Show, and we haven't watched a drama together regularly since he gave up on The West Wing several seasons before it ended), I wanted to wait until he was in the mood to sit down and watch. But now we have, and after a couple of episodes a night for most of last week and a four-ep marathon today, we're now a bit more than halfway through the season (just finished Chapter 14).

So far, so good. In fact, I think it's safe to say that we're both hooked.

So this show is not in any way what I was expecting. I figured it would be some sort of Justice League-type thing, a live-action superhero comic, where people with superpowers get together to take down villains and save the day once a week, with maybe some over-arching arc in the background. But the show is so much deeper and more complex than that. It has the feel of a comic book, but in a very different way -- it's several different origin stories, all woven together and tied into the season-long "saving the world plot", and I like that. This is how people would deal with suddenly discovering that they have powers: some are good, some are evil, some are in denial. I like the spectrum, and how we see characters who mirror each other: Mohindar vs. Bennett, Sylar vs. Peter. I love how the universe has a feeling of destiny, that the characters are being drawn together by the forces of fate. The characters are great. Hiro, Claire, and Matt are my favorites. I love their "sidekicks", too -- Ando, Zack, and the blonde FBI chick (does she have a name that I'm just forgetting?) are all such real ordinary people, their differing reactions to learning that there are heroes out there ringing so true.

Not everything is perfect, of course: the writing can be clunky, sometimes I get the feeling that the writers don't have the timeline straight in their heads, some of the characters and arcs are better than others (Mohindar needs a stronger purpose, Niki has been slow to grow on me and Micah doesn't feel like a realistic kid at all, Nathan is too much the cartoonish alpha male for my taste). But the quibbles are small. T is liking it, too; naturally he has more complaints than I do, but he seems just as eager as I to keep watching.

Fortunately, I had the forethought to set a season pass on the Tivo alreaddy, so once we finish watching the first season, the second will be waiting for us. I'm not making the "Veronica Mars" mistake twice!
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