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Lights out (uh huh)

Today, as an environmental awareness action/publicity stunt, the city of San Francisco turned off lights on selected major landmarks for an hour (8pm to 9pm), and invited its residents to do the same. T wanted to get a look at the scene from a distance, and maybe get some photos, so we headed over to Oakland to set up a vantage point at a park along the bay. We met up with R, S, and E for dinner beforehand, and then the three of them joined us at the park, hoping for a good look at the show.

What we weren't expecting is that it would take them almost the whole hour to turn off the lights on the Bay Bridge, which was the centerpiece of our view.

First stage (notice that some of the lights on the far side are off now)

Getting there. This photo was probably taken half an hour after the first (and is better in full size)

Darkness! You can kind of see the dark Transamerica building in the background, just about in the exact center of the skyline.

So you might notice that not many of the city's lights were actually off. I saw the Ferry Building go dark, and a few other buildings along the waterfront, but overall they don't seem to have gotten much participation. At first we thought that the whole event was a bust, because we didn't notice that the lights on the far side of the bridge had been turned off until we looked at the pictures later, so from our perspective it didn't even start going dark until almost 8:30. Still, it was a worthwhile trip, if only for hanging out with friends and for getting a close look at a container ship being unloaded (the park is surrounded by the Port of Oakland, and we were right next to one of the docks). T got some pictures of that, too, which I might get posted later.
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