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In the pink?

So the other day heyheyrenay sent me this link:

Girls Guide to Gaming presents tips on Nintendo DS games that are aimed at girls.

Part of me can't complain too much about the idea of this. I'm always pleased at any attempt to acknowledge that girls play games. But look at all that pink. Note the pink DS on the cover. Of course, no self-respecting girl would ever buy a DS in another color, right? And, as this blog entry points out, it's not like girls weren't playing games already. Blah.

So why does the above bother me, whereas I think that the fact that World of Warcraft now has a Hello Kitty interface is pretty awesome? Hard to say...

Side story: The library where I work is also the school's lost and found. A few months ago, someone turned in a pink DS. I was most surprised when the student who turned up to claim it was male. He said that he chose to buy a pink one because he thought it was less likely to get stolen. I wasn't quite sure how to feel about that at the time, and I have to admit I've never really decided.

I've had a lot of thoughts running around my head lately about games and their low spot on the media totem pole, which I intent to write up soon. Too much like thinking for tonight, though -- I had to go into work today and so I'm rather brain-dead. Tomorrow, perhaps.
Tags: feminism, the media, videogames
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