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Gameblogging: FFX-2, done!

I finished the X-2 replay. 96%, Yuna to level 92.

Of course now that I'm here I don't have all that much to say about it. Paine makes a snarky comment about Leblanc at the start of one of the Vegnagun battles, which amuses me greatly. Also, when you talk to her on the Celsius after you get to the Farplane but before you trigger the last battle, she has something interesting to say: "We should tell Nooj that Leblanc is waiting like a good girl. I have a few things to say to Nooj, myself." Hmm, wonder what that might be?! I always forget how easy that last battle with Vegnagun, then Shuyin is. It's almost silly, especially in comparison to actually difficult battles -- the last few levels in the Via Infinito, the boss in the hidden dungeon on the Mi'ihen Oldroad, the Level 5 experiment at Djose, etc. One thing about FFX, the final boss (and by that I mean Jecht; the Yu Yevon battle is literally not possible to lose) is probably the toughest battle in the game.

Yet I still do love it. I love FFX-2 for the characters and the world-building, not so much for the gameplay or the overall story. The unfortunate thing about that game is that it's so easy to miss the major character and world development because so much is buried in sidequests, and its non-linear nature makes it too easy to skip ahead without even realizing you've done it. It's a failing in the game, and it's too bad, because in some ways I like the non-linearity of it. It makes it more of a game and less of a "click-through movie" (as I've heard FFX described, and not that I mind that really, but it does limit the number of possible experiences you can have. Whereas you do have a few more options in X-2).

Will I replay again? Maybe. There are still a few battles I've never beaten, and areas I've never unlocked. I doubt I'll ever start from scratch again, though. New Game Plus is too much fun! :)
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