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Quick update

Busy day, so I'm against the clock a little here. ;) I'm back in my hotel room after a day of wandering around San Diego and La Jolla. The festivities included seals, pelicans, the ocean, yummy Mexican food, a cool bead store, fresh hot cookies topped with ice cream, cheering and clapping and running errands for amybang as she walked over 22 miles in support of breast cancer research, and a sea of people dressed in pink. Now it's approaching bedtime. Tomorrow anzubird and I plan to spend the day at the zoo, then head over to the closing ceremonies for the 3-Day walk.

Lots of running around, mostly in the car, and navigating via Google Maps and iPhones is not working quite as well as I would like, but since we've rarely been under the gun in terms of time that's been all right, except when it's gotten us stuck in very, very slow traffic. Ah well. anzubird has gotten some excellent pictures that I hope to share when I get back.
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