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TDS Writers on the strike

Writers from "The Daily Show" present their take on the WGA strike in the way that only they can:

Ahhh, a Daily Show fix. It really makes me notice just how distinctive the "Daily Show" voice really is. The rhythm, the timing, the mannerisms -- these were all things I would have said were pure Jon Stewart, until I saw writer Jason Ross doing all the same things. He's doing his best to imitate Jon, I'm sure, but now I have to wonder which came first. It's almost eerie, how much this clip feels like TDS, and yet why shouldn't it? All that's missing is the set and the star. I don't want to take anything away from Jon; I adore him, and I don't think there are many other comedians who could pull the fake news off as well as he does. Still, it's interesting.

Also, TWoP has an interview with another TDS writer, Rob Kutner.
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