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color coicindence

This entry will have meaning only to the other Mawrters on my friends list.

So at the school where I work, the students in the medical programs are required to wear scrubs to class. Students in different programs wear different colors: medical assistants wear a medium blue, pharmacists wear hunter green, dental assistances wear purple, etc. The programs we have here are medical assisting, massage therapy (their scrubs are navy), pharmacy tech, and health information technology (maroon).

Yesterday, it hit me: light blue, dark blue, green, red.

Perhaps coming to work here was my destiny...



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Feb. 24th, 2008 11:24 am (UTC)
Blue is sky,
Green is earth,
Red is the veins.
Variants in-between don't fit a mold
so we have mauve,lilac and winter green.

That words of no depth
will have more creedance of a different hue,
almost a language made up to make up it's lack.
Yet, we give it it's due - maybe a post, maybe a poem.

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