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Posting blues

This is probably the first day all month that I've felt actively oppressed by the need to post something. I've considered, started, and abandoned at least half a dozen ideas. So I guess I'll just spam you with pictures instead.

Friday night, after I finished my baking project, T decided to take advantage of the full moon for a late-night photo safari, and I tagged along.

This is the end (or beginning, depending) of I-280 as seen from Potrero Hill. I drive on those ramps about once a week on average, and I never get tired of the view of the skyline from the road. Sometimes I still can't believe that I actually live here.

A view of the Bay Bridge from Twin Peaks. One of the most famous views of the city, and justly so. You can see the streetlights spreading out beneath you in all directions, and from so high up that the more distant lights seem to twinkle, especially if you aren't looking straight at them. Also check out this view of City Hall.

And, for good measure, a couple new pics of Lexi:


Battle with the cat brush

I'll be more original tomorrow. Maybe. It is a concert week, but I'll see what I can come up with.
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