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Year in Review, 2007 edition.

Not ganked from anyone this year; I just felt like doing it. ;) First line from the first post each month (except I skipped a couple of GBPs).

January: I have suddenly found myself in the possession of large quantities of manga.

February: The new DSL modem came yesterday and so my home is once again connected to the series of tubes at a rate faster than the land speed of a sloth.

March: I hate losing a battle of wits with the copy machine.

April: I finished my ff_exchange piece!

May: This probably would have come yesterday, but then I was eaten by a wolf and a flan on Mt. Gagazet, and I'd forgotten to save basically all my progress.

June: I had an errand to run on Saturday morning, and it took me near the new Panera that's opened up not far from my house.

July: Actually I am home now.

August: Enjoying the Wii, a lot.

September: Had a good trip.

October: I finally gave in to popular demand and started opening the library 15 minutes earlier yesterday.

November: Welcome to NaBloWriMo.

December: So for the second year in a row, I succeeded in posting every day during the month of November.

Looks at November and December, laughs at self
Tags: meme, meta

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