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If you're up for a cute flick that simultaneously skewers and pays homage to all the Disney film cliches, then you should definitely check out "Enchanted".

I first became aware of this movie last summer, when I saw the trailer on Harry Potter 5. After it was over, S leaned over and said, "I must see that movie." I leaned back and answered: "Uh-huh." Good call. It's deliciously meta and hilarious, and yet still manages to be a sweet love story. A whole lot of fun. The two main musical numbers are, by themselves, worth the price of admission. At the cost of getting the music stuck in your head. (Not surprising, though; the music is by Alan Menken, who knows from a catchy tune.)

So anyway. Big thumbs up. T even enjoyed himself, and it's not his kind of movie at all (I only got him there because it has a 93% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes). Definitely recommended.
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