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Quick year-end note

What a weird year.

A promotion, but under the most unfortunate circumstances I can imagine. Several fun excursions, with lots of underlying stress involved. Watching friends and family and co-workers and the entire planet go through all kinds of upheaval. Nothing good without underlying difficulty; no cloud without a bright silver lining. Which I suppose is just life, but I got more of that contrast than usual this year, I think.

So here's hoping for smoother waters for a little while. Right now, all I want out of 2008 is some stability. For me, for all of you, for the world. So with that in mind, I wish you all a most Happy New Year.

We are going out tonight: dinner at a friend's house, then probably the SF waterfront fireworks. A nice, laid-back evening to usher in a nice, laid-back year? We can only hope.
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