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Gratuitous birthday fic

One of the things I've promised myself this year is to be better about marking people's birthdays. Another goal I've set (I won't call it a resolution, because I don't do resolutions) is to write more. Fortunately, I have an early opportunity to combine these plans and get off on the right foot.

Title: Between Storms
Fandom: FFX-2
Rating: G
Wordcount: 720
Characters: Tidus, Gippal, Yuna
Pairings: Tidus/Yuna
Spoilers: For the good ending
Notes: In honor of heyheyrenay's birthday! Which, I suppose, for her is technically over, but it's not midnight here yet, so it still counts. (She says, searching for loopholes.) Based on the prompt "Gippal, Tidus, Rainbows", a Trick or Treat request that never got filled. (Under the rules of that post, I suppose this is a trick. I hope it's okay to give out tricks for birthdays...)

"Hey, Tidus, wake up."

Tidus tried to swat the buzzing noise from his ear, and he rolled over to get away from the hand shaking his shoulder. A storm had battered the tent all night long, and he'd gotten almost no sleep. Who would want to get up early after a night like that?

"C'mon, man, get up. There's something I wanna show you, but you need to hurry."

The shaking had switched to the other shoulder. So much for that idea. With a groan of defeat, Tidus sat up, glaring at his tormenter and rubbing his eyes. "What?"

Gippal grinned and put a finger to his lips. "Shh, we shouldn't wake her."

Tidus rolled his eyes. "Oh, but it's okay to wake me?" He cast a quick glance at Yuna, still wrapped in their bedroll -- she hadn't even stirred. He wouldn't have figured her for such a sound sleeper. It amazed him sometimes, how much he still had to learn about her.

"Yup. Meet me outside as soon as you're ready." Gippal rose to his feet and headed outside, and Tidus followed him, taking care not to jostle Yuna as he dressed. Once ready, he pushed aside the tent flap and stepped into the desert. The rain had stopped; broken clouds covered the sky, but the air was calm, the sand already drying. Tidus followed Gippal out of their camp, taking brisk steps to catch up before he could disappear over the dune. Once they reached the next crest, Gippal stopped, then pointed out into the distance.


Tidus pivoted in the direction Gippal was pointing. "Wow." The heavy clouds of the storm massed in the west, underlined by dark streaks of rain, caught by the light of the rising sun. The result was a brilliant rainbow, sitting in front of the blackness like a beacon. "It's so pretty." He cast a sideways glance at Gippal, who was similarly entranced.

"Yeah." Gippal nodded. "We get 'em like that after almost every storm. You just have to catch the timing right."

"Awesome." They stood in silence for a few more minutes, taking in the stillness and beauty of the scene. But eventually, as always, Tidus's curiosity got the best of him. "So, why did you bring me out here?"

"It just seemed like something you should see." Gippal shrugged. "I heard a little about your last trip to the desert, and I guess I wanted to show you its other face. There's a reason the Al Bhed love it here."

"Yeah. I can see why."

Gippal laughed. "Not that it ever lasts long. It's already fading. Guess the storm is moving on."

Tidus turned around. "Or another one is coming. Look." Gippal turned as Tidus pointed to the east, where a new tower of clouds blocked out the sun. The wind was rising again, too, and bits of sand stung his face.

"Uh oh." Gippal shook his head. "C'mon, we'd better get back under cover."

"Right." Tidus followed Gippal down the side of the dune and back to camp, head down to keep the sand out of his eyes. They ducked into the tent to find Yuna awake. She sat up and stretched with a yawn.

"Morning." Tidus took a seat by her side, wrapping an arm around her shoulders.

"Good morning." She smiled at him, then at Gippal. "Where did you run off to? It sounds like another storm is coming in, and I was getting worried."

Tidus glanced over to Gippal, who shrugged. Then he looked back at Yuna. "Just finding some beauty in the desert."

Gippal chuckled. "Yeah. The calm between the storms, you could say."

"Ah." Yuna's smile relaxed. "Well. I hope rainstorms are the worst we have to weather for awhile."

"Me too." Tidus kissed the top of her head as she snuggled against him. When he looked up, Gippal was heading outside. "Hey, you should stay -- it's gonna start raining in a minute. We have enough food for three."

As if on cue, a gust of wind rattled the tent poles, followed by the patter of rain against canvas. Gippal looked up at the noise, then laughed. "Yeah, okay." He sat down, and Tidus reached for his rucksack, looking for some breakfast to share as they waited out the storm together.
Tags: ffx-2, fic

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