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Wet 'n Wild

The second storm is upon us now. I can hear the rain and wind on the roof, although it's not nearly as heavy as it was yesterday. That was a nasty day, especially in the morning -- public transit snarls, everyone dripping wet, lots of power outages. Nothing that touched us here, fortunately, although we did go grocery shopping at a store that had been without power earlier in the day, and it was weird. Lots of closed or empty freezer cases, most of the fresh fish gone, all the poultry packed in extra ice.

Today isn't supposed to be as bad, although the weather report says there might be thunderstorms (which are rare here). It'd be a great day to curl up with a cup of tea, a book, and several blankets, but new faculty orientation waits for no one.
Tags: city life, mundane, work annoyances
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