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"Okay, break's over."

Another quarter is upon us and I'm once again up before the crack of dawn to get to work on time. Six in the morning feels awfully early when you haven't had to see it for three weeks. One of my co-workers commented on Friday that I seemed well-rested. I'd bet you anything that's why.

Ah well, all things come to an end. It was a good break; I didn't finish everything I would have liked to do, but I got a good start on almost everything, and the projects we absolutely needed to do got done, or close to done. This is also probably the first holiday season in many, many years during with neither T nor I got sick, which also feels like something of an accomplishment. Also, a streak I'd be happy to keep going.

So now we re-open our doors to the school-going public, and it all starts again. At least the schedule is fairly light today. And Martin Luther King Day is only a couple of weeks away.
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