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Catching up

It's only been three weeks; it shouldn't be such a surprise to have students around again. And yet I keep doing double takes when people walk in the door.

Anyway. Catching up on library blogs, so it must be linkspam time!

* Remember the Sony ad I pointed out awhile back? Following some librarian feedback, they made an attempt to fix it. Did it succeed? Well...

* OMGLists: a site of amusing lists relating to pop culture, much of it geeky. I have to admit I'm more taken with the name than anything else. But some of the lists are pretty funny.

* What's the most expensive drink you can get at Starbucks? A guy with a coupon for a free drink decided to find out. Commentary at a Starbucks blog, including some interesting and amusing comments from baristas.

* Twittories: 140 people each contribute 140 characters to write a story. Exquisite Corpse for the modern age? I don't do Twitter, but it does sound like an interesting challenge. I wonder how you'd adapt something like that to LJ?
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