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SpecFic Challenge #4: "Noir" by K.W. Jeter

I did something that I almost never do. I opened a book, I started reading it, and I put it down with no intention of ever picking it up again.

I don't quite finish every book I start, but normally that happens because I set it aside for something new that's come along, and I never get around to finishing. It's rare for me to make a conscious decision that I'm not going to give the book a chance to change my mind. But every instinct told me that the book was not worth my time. Sixty pages of densely written and confusing set up, it was failing both the Bechdel Test and the Frank Miller Test, I had no sympathy for anyone I'd met, and none of the mysteries were at all compelling.

So out it goes, into the "to sell" box. And good riddance.

As far as the reading challenge goes, I have sought and received permission to make a substitution. Now I will be reading The Orphan's Tales: In the Night Garden by Catherynne M. Valente. I picked it up at the bookstore yesterday and just barely started it, but I can already tell that I made the right decision.
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