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Notes from a weekend

The social whirlwind of the holidays is finally over -- my school and T's companies both had their official parties in January, mine last Friday and T's on Tuesday night -- and we found ourselves with a completely unplanned weekend for the first time in ages. Nice.

Yesterday ended up being a photo safari day. It was sunny and sort of warm and there was a "minus tide" (a super-low tide, they happen about once a month), so T decided he wanted to check it out. We started at Baker Beach -- somehow, despite about two decades combined living in San Francisco, neither of us had ever been there before. It has some stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge. It's also SF's only nude beach. I had known this, but somehow I didn't expect to see anyone taking advantage of that fact in the middle of January.

Our next, and main, stop was Lands' End and the Sutro Baths. We took a trail from the former (an oceanfront park) to the latter, and it was a really lovely walk. The Sutro Baths are really neat -- it's a ruin of a resort complex built around a hundred years ago, and it makes for a cool combination of nature and the remains of architecture and ocean-water swimming pools. It's one of T's favorite places in the city, and we spent quite awhile there, walking around, T taking photos. We watched the sunset, took off for a bit of a snack, and then came back after dark for some moonlight photography. T is messing with the pictures now; if there are good ones, I will certainly post them. But it was worth going back just to walk around at night. The moon was nearly full, and the sky was clear -- unusual for that part of San Francisco. We could even see without a flashlight.

Today was more laid-back. Mostly we tided the house, although we did make a quick run for the Borders so that T could use a gift card he got for Xmas, and in order to catch a little sunshine (not nearly as nice as yesterday, though; it was both colder and windier). Then we made dinner, watched a little TV, and now we're settled in, me on LJ and him messing with his photos. It's a quiet day, but good.

Much quality time with the DS, lately. It's going okay with the hands. I use the stylus as much as I can, which helps. I'd been a little worried that the tiny grip would bother me, but so far it's been all right. I've been splitting my time between PuzzleQuest (hours and hours of Bejeweled! Yes!) and Final Fantasy III, which is fun so far. I like seeing these early versions of all the themes and fiends that have become so familiar to me. I enjoy games with jobs systems for the most part. It's a little early to say much about the story (just finished the Tower of Owen), but I like the characters. Arc is just about the cutest thing ever (I'm playing him as a Black Mage, and he's so adorable in the big yellow hat; I'm going to be sad when it comes time to change him). I've also played some Phoenix Wright -- we finished the first case and the first two parts of the second -- but that's going more slowly because T is playing over my shoulder, so I'm waiting for him to have the time and motivation.

Tomorrow will be nice. I have the day off, and T has to work, making it the first day in a really long time that I truly have to myself. Except for chorus in the evening, I have absolutely no obligations. Which is a lovely thought. Haven't quite decided what I'm going to do with the day yet. Of course, that's precisely why it's so charming -- I don't have to make any decisions until I get there. Excellent.


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Jan. 21st, 2008 11:19 pm (UTC)
PUZZLE QUEST! I love that game! Was playing it again this weekend. Whereabouts are you? What class are you? I've done Druid and Knight - the latter is better for sheer brutality, but I like the healing option of Druid (the best thing they have going for them, honestly.)
Jan. 22nd, 2008 01:13 am (UTC)
I'm playing Wizard, or whatever that's called. I wish I had healing, that would be pretty sweet.

My character is at level 13 or thereabouts. I just finished my knight training and have been called to help the elves. Not sure where that puts me in the overall game.
Jan. 22nd, 2008 01:15 am (UTC)
Very close to the beginning :D Start conquering cities as soon as possible, they give you lots of money. (I pump my levelup points into the cheapest skills and buy the rest with cash in my citadel because they always cost the same with Gold.)
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