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Indecision '08

Salon has a couple of great articles on being undecided today:

Walter Shapiro on the policy and style differences between Clinton and Obama.

And Rebecca Traister on why identity matters. She really sums up my conflicted feelings well. Back when John Edwards was my candidate, I was more than content with him ideologically and as a potential leader. But I had a nagging guilt about it: in the end, despite all the other options presented before me, I was supporting the white guy. A progressive, feminist, class-aware white guy, to be sure. But still. And now I have the opportunity to cast my primary ballot for the first woman with a real shot to win this thing. Will I really refuse to be a part of that?

Which is why, despite everything I've said about dynasties, and all my reservations about voting for someone who is such a product of the Democratic machine, I'm still thinking about casting my ballot for Hillary. Because in a world where Walmart can refuse to sell a t-shirt with the motto "Someday, a woman will be president" because it's "too controversial", yes, identity politics still matter. Hating that fact doesn't make it any less true.

Of course, a vote for Obama is just as historic in its own way. And in the end, I may well cast my ballot for him.

I don't know whether it's more frustrating or exciting that I still get to be undecided at this late date. I never imagined that my most difficult presidential voting choice would be due to having too many options, rather than not enough.
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