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Good things

I swapped around some shifts at work. Starting this week, I only have to open two mornings a week (Monday and Friday). This makes me ridiculously happy. The downside is that I have to close on Tuesdays, but I'm actually looking forward to that, too -- it gives me one morning a week to really, truly sleep in, or run errands, or (as today) hole up in Panera for an hour or so of writing. And then evenings are quiet, so it might give me a chance to get some focused work done. So we shall see.

Last night was Beethoven. I had figured I would be likely to remember it better than usual, since we had to memorize it the last time we sang, but I was surprised at how well it came back. Especially considering that it's not a piece I listen to much -- I suspect I retained the Carmina so well not just because I've now performed it four times, but because I also listen to it a lot and so it stays in my ear.

Finally, the kissing battle returns!! Which is another reason I'm glad to have some writing time today. Off to spend some time with my plot bunnies...
Tags: mundane, music, work update, writing

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