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Long weekend + amybang in town = KJ is a lot less around on the internets.

We did the spa thing on Friday, which was lovely yet oddly tiring. Or maybe it was just the effect of being truly relaxed that put me out like a light that night. Many games were also involved -- amybang got me a copy of Rayman Raving Rabbids for the Wii, which was mighty entertaining, especially the dancing and "first plunger shooter" levels. Recommended if you like wacky fun! Also I borrowed DDR from S awhile back, and yesterday we played, at first head-to-head but we quickly moved to taking turns. DDR is a *lot* of work; we actually had to change into better workout clothes and then take showers afterwards! I don't think it would be possible for me to play it casually. But as a workout game, definitely; I should see if I can get myself in the habit. In between, I also played a bunch of PuzzleQuest on my DS. That game is seriously addicting. We got another level of Phoenix Wright in, too, to finish off the second case. Hopefully we'll get some more of that in soon.

Now I'm winding down from my long weekend (due to the quirks of our academic schedule, we had Friday off instead of tomorrow for President's Day, so my three-day weekend is ending just as everyone else is just getting started): catching up online, contemplating writing another kiss or two before dinner, reading my book, tracking down pictures of albino moose (turns out they are not true albino, but just a color variation that's normal in moose, if rare). It's the little things that make me content.
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