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Every so often, something happens to remind me that I haven't listened to enough They Might Be Giants lately, and I gorge myself for a little while. This time, it was not having a book to read on my train ride home last Tuesday. So I dug through my iPod and discovered a TMBG podcast I hadn't listened to, from last June. It was a collection of demos from "John Henry", which was pretty awesome in and of itself, but more to the point, I discovered that I had missed a new album.

I rectified that pretty quickly.

So I've been listening to it at almost every opportunity, including right now. It's called "The Else" and is quite good, along the lines of "Mink Car". It came with a bonus disc of stuff from the podcast called "Cast Your Pod to the Wind". Just the right touch of the old TMBG anarchy, but with Their slightly more polished new sound, which makes for a great combination. And then when I'm not listening to it, I'm listening to my TMBG playlist on my iPod, on random, and getting a great selection of old favorites and new stuff.

Always good to be reminded of why, in the depths of my heart, TMBG will always be my most beloved band. I really need to see Them again. Even if I have to stand for three hours. It would be worth it.
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