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Birthday wrap-up

I've been meaning to post about all the good things that happened on Wednesday, but I keep getting distracted. So buckling down to sum up.

First of all, many many thanks for all the good wishes!! I tried to get you all personally, but I know I may have missed some; rest assured I saw them all, and appreciate them muchly. :)

The librarians informed me on Tuesday that they were taking me to lunch, that they had already made reservations, and that they'd thought about surprising me but decided they'd better tell me, so that I wouldn't schedule a meeting or something. But the fun actually started in the morning, with a visit to the big cats. This time I got to see all three cats: the cheetah, the lynx, and a serval. Such beautiful creatures. Followed by lunch, at The Slanted Door, a restaurant I've always really liked. We stuffed ourselves there, and then went back to the office, where they presented me with a cake. Candles and all! They even got my name on it, in frosting! Of course, we were way too full for cake at that point, so we had to hold off a couple hours, to eat it later. Pretty tasty, once I finally had room for a slice.

Then I got home to discover the first disc of Avatar Book 2 waiting for me. I would probably have inhaled it, but T had a work project, so we only got to watch the first episode. But still, very exciting. Man, that's a good show. So instead I played more Phoenix Wright, also a good thing, even if I'm still only on the third episode of the first game.

So overall one of my more memorable and fun birthdays. Yay.
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