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Character meme: answers!

It's not too late to play! The post for questions is here. You are on your honor not to look at the character list first...

1. Veronica Mars
2. Auron
3. Jean-Luc Picard
4. Hiro Nakamura
5. Susan Ivanova
6. Basch von Ronsenburg
7. Miles Edgeworth
8. Kira Nerise
9. Nooj
10. Paine
11. Willow Rosenburg
12. John Locke
13. Uncle Iroh
14. Rupert Giles
15. Ron Weasley

muggy_mountain's questions:

Would 2 and 15 make good business partners? If so, what business should they go into?
--Auron and Ron Weasley. No, I'm really not seeing that, I think Auron would be much too impatient with Ron to get any sort of business off the ground.

Would 7 and 11 be mutual LJ friends, some variation of "friend of" or would they never friend each other?
--Edgeworth and Willow, hmm. Willow would probably publicly sneer at Edgeworth's self-righteousness, but secretly she would admire him. So I think Willow would probably have Edgeworth on notification but not friended, and Edgeworth would never know.

What would 1 say to 4 if he told her that 6 was their child?
-- Veronica Mars, Hiro Nakamura, and their son Basch? All I can think is that Veronica would express surprise that she and a Japanese man could produce a big strapping blond fellow who's older than either of them. ;)

And for first_seventhe:

Who would 7 rather date, 14 or 15?
--Definitely Giles. Edgeworth/Giles. Now there's an interesting idea. They'd get into all kinds of arguments about truth and justice and when it's proper to break the rules for the sake of ambition or expediency. I don't see it being a particularly happy relationship, but they might complement each other. Also, hot. Or, it would be, if they were both real or both cartoon characters rather than one of each.

1-5 are in High School. Who is the jock? Who's the class nerd? Cast them in a High School AU. (I am evil.)
--Evil, and awesome.
Okay. So Hiro is the nerd, big time. For years now, he's been crushing on Ivanova, the rebel girl who doesn't take crap from anyone. Her territory is being muscled in on by Veronica, the new girl in town who is also used to being the outsider that everyone secretly looks up to. They ought to be best friends, but they're too busy being rivals to notice. Picard is the class president and Auron is the jock, except he's the quiet kind of jock who excels in his sport -- he's the star of the wrestling team -- but never makes a big deal out of it, he just sits in the back of the room and gets his As. Stuff happens, hijinks ensue, and in the end Ivanova hooks up with Auron, Ivanova and Veronica become BFF, and, in a surprise move, Hiro asks Veronica to the prom -- and she says yes.

Is it wrong that I kind of want someone to write this now?


Who would 9 rather be trapped on a desert island with, 1 or 2?
--Nooj, stuck with Auron vs. Veronica Mars... I think he would probably choose Auron, because he'd be familiar, and I'm sure Nooj looks up to him, and that's the smart bet for long-term survival. But then I picture the Nooj and Veronica snarkfest, and I wonder how anyone could possibly resist that.

If 14 had to marry either 10, 11, or 15, who would it be?
--Somehow I really don't think Giles would go for Ron Weasley. That leaves Willow and Paine. Just based on their personalities, I actually think Willow and Giles would work really well together in a relationship -- they're both smart, they value knowledge, and they both learned to respect magic and power after facing down their demons (including literally!). But I wonder if Giles could see Willow as his equal, given the age difference and the fact that she's a surrogate sister to his surrogate daughter. And of course there's the whole Willow being gay issue (although I really suspect that she would be better described as bi). That leaves Paine, which definitely has potential; in some ways, their relationship might be similar to his relationship with Buffy (he does the research, she kicks the ass), except without the father/daughter weirdness. So I guess that means I choose Paine.

And finally... what is 9's weirdest kink/fetish?
--I can't just say "#10 dressed in leather straps and wielding a sword" and leave it at that? :D
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