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Well met

I met iamleaper today! She's in town, so we hooked up for coffee, and then when we realized we had closed down the cafe, we moved on to some pizza. It was great fun to kick back and talk fandom, and academia, and life in general, and I enjoyed our time together very much. :)

Also, I have a lot of linkspam to share with you all, but I can't wait on this one:

A Timeline of Extinction

(warning: links directly to a PDF)

It's by some futurist type who makes predictions about when certain things will either disappear or lose relevance: oil, the Internet, glaciers, etc. Probably most disconcerting is that libraries are going to disappear in 2017, which only gives me 9 more years to have it as a career. And I won't even be able to retire, because that's gone as of 2014. What will save me? Copyright. It goes extinct in 2020. So that means I can start writing fanfic for a living, as long as I find some way to tide myself over during that three year gap. Sounds like a plan.
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