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SpecFic Challenge Book #6: "Tailchaser's Song" by Tad Williams

This is one of those books I've been meaning to read for many years, because it's a book about cats and what's not to love about that? But I never got any specific recommendations for it, so I never got motivated until now.

It was good. Not earthshaking, but enjoyable. It's a first novel, and it shows -- I found the writing in the Otherland series to be much more polished, and the ending is pretty much telegraphed with a microphone -- but there are enough twists on the epic quest formula that it kept me engaged, and I thought the depiction of cats and other animals was spot on. ("Rikchikchik" is such an awesome word for squirrel, I can't even tell you how much I love that.)

And with that, my participation in the Speculative Fiction Challenge comes to a close. One book I loved, three I really enjoyed, one I'm glad I read so I can say that I read it, and one that I love to hate (and one that I was finally able to get rid of without finishing and with a clear conscience). I'd say I did pretty well. Now, back to the to-read pile!
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