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Business tripping

Yesterday's flight was blissfully uneventful, and now I'm settled in my hotel room. For Internet access you have to pay for, this wireless is pretty crappy -- it cut out on me a couple of times last night and is always kind of slow. But otherwise the room is nice, and it has one feature I hadn't seen before: an alarm clock with a line-in for an MP3 player, with the cord already attached. So now I'm listening to "Chess in Concert" (a performance of the songs from the musical backed by a full orchestra), which is a great improvement over whatever random news program would otherwise be playing.

So, San Diego for a week. I like San Diego well enough, although it feels like I've been here a lot lately between trips with friends and for family. Also, this training was originally supposed to be in Seattle, which is a city I love and haven't visited nearly as often, so I can't be quite so thrilled by San Diego. Especially when it's overcast and only in the 60s -- if I going to be in San Diego, I want it to be hot!

Ah well. I'll be in an air-conditioned computer lab most of the time anyway. My library is getting new catalog software, and I'm down here to learn it. Then on Friday, T will fly down to join me, and we'll spend the weekend with his parents. So I'll get a little vacation out of it, which is nice.

Okay, should get ready to head off to the lobby for coffee and to meet the other folks here for the training. I suspect this training will keep me offline all day, so I'll see you folks tonight.
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