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Things to do in Denver

So far so good on the conference thing. I've mostly been good and spent my time in conference sessions and wandering the exhibit floor rather than hiding in my room and/or poking around the city. I did play hooky for a little while this afternoon, but mostly that was because my lunch with colleagues had run a little long. There are a few other librarians from my company here, and I've been chatting with them, eating most of my meals with them, making important connections. But I'm also making a point of talking with other random people as well, and that's been great, actually, doing the networking thing in ways I haven't managed in the past. Maybe I actually am getting better at this.

Denver is a nice city. Redeveloping, so there are interesting areas to walk around, and the people seem cool. Tomorrow, I have plans to skip the morning conference sessions to go visit the big new art museum -- there will be a party there tomorrow night, but we're only going to see half of it, and I hear the other half is also really interesting. I like the vibe here pretty well, although of course I've only really been downtown. Also, the sun came out and the snow melted. The air is really dry, though. I don't know whether it's the altitude or what, but I've been drinking tons of water and my skin still feels all dry and tight. Still, I do like it here. Supposedly it doesn't get that cold or snowy either, yesterday notwithstanding.

The hotel is good, too. My alarm clock has an iPod jack! That's pretty sweet. What's not pretty sweet: the water bottle in the room. $4.50 for a liter of Aquafina? Give me a break, overpriced hotel services.
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