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My long-planned fanfic archive is finally ready to unveil onto my unsuspecting public!

Writings of an Owlmoose

Not quite everything is up there yet -- I need to collect and post my drabbles, and the three long multi-chapter works, and a couple of other random things -- but I'm pretty proud of how easily this came together for the most part. There are a few things up there that haven't been widely and/or publicly available before, mostly commentfic and such; in particular, I pulled together all my offerings for the Trick or Treat Battle and Kissing Battle 2008 into two hopefully-tidy packages, for your consideration:

Trick or Treat
Kissing Battle '08

This is also my official announcement that I no longer intend to post new stories on FF.net, although I will post the remaining chapters of "Aftermath" there (assuming I ever finish writing the damn thing). Between the annoying way in which they present ads and the war on punctuation, I have been done with them for awhile, and I'm happy to finally have an alternative.

I do not, however, intend to stop posting on LiveJournal; short fics will be posted here as always, and I'll announce anything longer here as well as posting it on the archive.

Thanks to everyone who helped me put this together, especially heyheyrenay for advice and encouragement! It is no exaggeration to say that I would never have done this without her.
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