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For the last few months, E has been hosting periodic tea-tastings at his house for SE, SF, waterowl, and myself. Today he had a special surprise for us, brought back from his recent trip to France: macaroons from Laduree. These are not the chewy coconut cookies that most Americans think of when they hear the word "macaroon"; they're a sandwich cookie made light and crisp with egg whites and almond flour, then filled with jam or a light ganache. We made short work of them -- E made the mistake of opening the box before he made any tea. We critiqued and shared the various flavors (from standards like chocolate, raspberry, and lemon -- my personal favorite -- to the more exotic rose, lavender, and licorice), and before the first cup of tea had been poured, there were perhaps four cookies left. Such a treat.

I first discovered the French macaroon when T and I went to Paris several years ago. One morning, we had breakfast at Laduree, and along with our cafe au lait and croissant, we were served a selection of these small delights. I had to restrain myself from buying boxes and boxes to bring home. It's possible to find them in the States (I know of one patisserie in San Francisco that makes them), but they aren't nearly as good as the Parisian version. It's almost enough to get me back on a plane right now.
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