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Slave to Squeenix

So I really didn't need another game right now, and I told myself I was going to be good and wait, that if nothing else I really ought to finish Phoenix Wright 3 before picking up anything else for the DS, but then one thing led to another and somehow I found myself in a game store on the way home from work today and... well. You know how that goes.

So I'm probably just barely an hour in -- Rydia has just joined the party after being "rescued" by Cecil -- which means I really don't have much to say about the characters or the story yet. Of course, the funny thing is that since I've been in Final Fantasy fandom for so long now, I've heard bits and pieces about a lot of things, so I built up all kinds of expectations in my mind -- Kain will be angsty, Rydia will kick ass, Edward will be a spoony bard. And it's too soon to say how any of these impressions are measuring up, except that Rydia is a whole lot younger than I was expecting. I had no idea that she was going to be a kid! Or is it just that Cecil is older than your usual FF lead? Anyway, it'll be interesting to find out.

One thing that does have me annoyed already is the inability to control the game with the stylus. I am, in fact, quite bitter about it, because the whole reason I waited for the DS version rather than just buying the GBA was because pressing little buttons can be hard on my hands, and from the small amount I played FFIII, I found using the stylus instead to work really well. But in this you can't use the stylus in battle at all, and my attempts to use it to navigate on the map have been relatively disastrous. So I'll do the best I can with the keypad, and silently stew all the while, and consider whether I really do want to wait for the FFVI to come out on DS after all.
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