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I didn't really mean to vanish. Time just got away from me, and then I looked up and realized I hadn't posted for a week. Mostly it's that my mental energy is being consumed by a work thing that's been dragging on forever, and annoying me to my last nerve, and too complicated and boring for me to want to talk about here really. Maybe once it's all resolved I can tell the sordid story.

amybang is in town for work, and I lured her out here a day early by promising otters. We went yesterday, and they were, as always, awesome. Best cure for a stressful week/month/year/whatever: going down to Monterey to watch the otters play. Pictures soon.

After a bunch of false starts, both mental and actual, I made some progress on one of the "out of the comfort zone" meme stories. It was fun to write once I actually was able to get going on it. I need to rethink the ending, but with a little luck I might be able to post it tonight. This meme seems like it will be good exercise, but writing exercises only work if you can motivate yourself to sit down and, you know, actually write.
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