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So I really liked the first season of "Heroes", but then the second went off the rails a little bit (okay, kind of a lot), so I hadn't thought that I was particularly dying to get it back. I haven't gone looking for information about who's coming back and what's happening; I figured I'd just take it as it comes

And then today I caught a commercial for the third season, which starts next month, and it's an image of Angela Petrelli, looking somehow aged, leaning over a hospital bed and telling someone they need to be strong for "what's to come". And I had to rewind and rewatch the ad three times to be absolutely certain that I was seeing who I thought I was seeing in that bed.

Sylar. I'm completely convinced it was Sylar.


So now I'm all keen for it to start up again. Much to my surprise. And definitely not seeking out more spoilers -- if there's more like that coming, I'd rather not know in advance. Now I just have to hope that the writing is more like the first season than the second...
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