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FFIV: random thoughts

Just got back into the Tower of Babil.

Is there any other Final Fantasy game that kills off this many player characters during the course of gameplay? Palom and Porom, Tellah, Yang, Cid... it's a bloodbath, by FF standards. Now I'm fully expecting Edward to bite it sooner or later, or perhaps Edge.

Speaking of whom, is he supposed to come off as a punk kid? (Also, when exploring the caves that get you back into the Tower, can he pull off some ninja move to get the chests that I can see, but that aren't on the main path? Because if so, I have no idea how to make that work.) He also seems to have a bit of Tellah's revenge motive driving him, which is a little irritating since the game has already made the "revenge = bad" point with Tellah's story arc. Still, the fact that individual characters even have story arcs is something that pleases me. I like being able to go into the save menu and see everyone's thoughts; sometimes that's very telling.

So far, so good, as far as gameplay goes; the boss battle in the Tower gave me a little trouble, mostly because I kept fighting the Reverse status rather than rolling with it, but once I decided to play along it started going much better. Then I spent way too much time trying to find a way to continue forward in the Tower. Fortunate that there are a couple of save/tent points in there. I guess we get the rest of it now. Have I already mentioned that I like how the game rewards you for completing area maps? It's nice to get a bonus for seeking out every nook and cranny, especially in dungeons that don't have many treasure chests.
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