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Ever since I heard of them (I think my first introduction was the Best Buy mission, I have been a big fan of Improv Everywhere. So when I saw they were bringing their latest installment of The MP3 Experiment to San Francisco, I jumped at the chance, and convinced R and S to join me. The basic gist is that everyone downloads an MP3 to their player, gathers at a park, and then, at a prearranged time, presses play. And our friend the omnipotent voice takes it from there.

It was today. And it was so much fun, just to run around Dolores Park for 45 minutes and do silly things as a group. How often do we get a chance to kick back and play like that, and not worry that anyone is watching? There's just still photos for now, but I'll post the video link once it goes up in a couple of weeks.

Maybe this will inspire some merry SF pranksters to start their own chapter! Given that we already have things like the Great San Francisco Pillow Fight and Santarchy, it seems like we'd be fertile ground...
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