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I keep writing posts and then finding articles that say what I wanted to say, but better

Props to SE for passing along the following story:

Mormon and Catholic organizations attack California gay marriage laws with lies

The separation of church and state also protects religious beliefs, including many practices that are considered discriminatory under civil law--such as only allowing males to be priests. If such practices were not protected, the Catholic and Mormon churches would have been forced to allow women to be priests long ago. Has this happened? No. Will churches be forced to perform gay marriages? No. It’s a lie. And that people are being persuaded by this lie is also unsettling.

Here’s the truth: the government cannot force any church to perform same-sex marriages, nor will churches lose their tax status if they refuse to do so. The churches who have funded this ad are lying.

Read the whole thing, then shout it from the rooftops. Truth is the best defense against lies; we just need to make sure the truth makes it out there in time.
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