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Interview meme

This is making the rounds again; it's one that I'm never able to resist. You play along by leaving a comment, and I'll give you five questions to answer in your own journal.

My interviewer is heyheyrenay.

1. What is your current favorite IN MY PANTS joke for books?

How on earth am I supposed to pick just one? *looks at to-read pile* *looks at recently-read pile* Okay, we'll go for wacky: "The United States of Arugula (in my pants)"

2. What are you singing for chorus this time around? I am sure you've told me, but I have forgotten.

We're doing two pieces: "Chichester Psalms" by Leonard Bernstein and "Amherst Requiem", a world premiere piece by a local composer (who also plays French horn in the orchestra that will be accompanying us). The latter is a mixture of the classic Latin requiem text and the poetry of Emily Dickinson, and it's pretty interesting. The former is one of the most fun pieces in the standard choral repertoire. I've sung it once before, but a long time ago. The other is, of course, new to me.

3. If they could make an FFX-3 and it wouldn't suck, what would you choose for the plot?

At one point, rumor had it that they were talking about doing a game that would tell the story of Braska's pilgrimage. That would be pretty cool, if they did it right.

4. What is your favorite SF LOCALE that is iconic and also not the golden gate bridge (or say, any bridge)?

My first thought is the Ferry Building, but I'm not sure that counts under your criteria, because you get a really fabulous view of the Bay Bridge from there (I'm actually more attached to the Bay Bridge than the Golden Gate, maybe because I can practically see it from my house). If I have to pick one that's totally non-bridge related, I'll go with Cliff House.

5. Are you ever planning a roadster across the United States? CAN I COME.

Dude, I love road trips. Back when amybang lived in Los Angeles, I used to try and find an excuse to make the drive down there at least once a year. It's been a long-time dream of mine to make a cross-country one where I didn't have to rush (I have done the coast-to-coast drive once, but there was major time pressure so we couldn't stop anywhere -- it continues to be a regret of mine that I came within 100 miles of the Grand Canyon and didn't get to see it). Unfortunately, since T has no interest, I'm not sure that I'm ever going to be able to make it work. But if the opportunity ever presents itself, I'll be on it like a shot. (And sure, why not?)
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