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Despite being hit by our first big storm of the season today, T coaxed me out of the house to SF MOMA because there was an exhibit he wanted to see: a video installation featuring images of Las Vegas. There were two videos; one was noisy, bright, and forgettable (which I suppose some people would say is perfectly appropriate as a depiction of Vegas), but the other was pretty neat -- all footage taken from a helicopter, using the "tilt-focus" technique that makes everything look like models. See some stills: http://www.zpluspartners.com/zblog/archive/2006_04_21_zblogarchive.html

There was also an exhibit of the 1000 Journals Project, which was great. (In case you're not familiar with the concept: one thousand blank journals, released into the wild, for people to write in and pass along.) There were about a dozen on display, along with pens, pencils, and art supplies for visitors to add their own. I wrote a bit myself, in 988; I tried to talk T into drawing something, but the most he would do was let me tape in one of his photographs. So we both made our mark, which was great. But I do wish I'd had a little more time to think about doing something really creative. There are some wonderful things in those books: collage, artwork, writing.

After finishing at the museum, we went for lunch at Samovar, a tea room in Yerba Buena Gardens. Which was perfect; I can't imagine a better escape from a storm than a cup of tea and a warm waffle (made with ginger, which goes surprisingly well with maple syrup), sitting with T as we watch the rain through a big picture window. A very civilized trip all around.

Now we are home, and it's still raining. I guess this means summer really is over.
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