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This icon has never been more appropriate

Almost there. I can't believe that after two years of non-stop campaign news, we're finally less than 24 hours from the first polls closing.

All kinds of reasons to be excited and nervous and worried, but I've managed to narrow my focus to two: the presidential election, and Proposition 8. And since the alternative is unthinkable, I've made plans to head down to the No on Prop 8 San Francisco headquarters after work, to see if there's anything I can do. I'm not much for making phone calls to strangers, but surely there's office work that can be done, and, well, if not, maybe I'll just suck up the phone phobia for the evening. It might not even be a drop in the bucket, but I at least have to make the attempt.

In the meantime, have two owl-related distractions (I'm always posting moose stuff; it's about time to give the other half of my handle a little love):

Hiding place for sleeping owl is not so hidden after all.
Everyone is fond of owls. (Warning: Flash animation with loud sound, auto-plays with no way to stop or pause, extremely silly.)

Got a good owl picture, link, or story? Leave it in the comments!
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