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And now for the serious side of Election Day...

Barring some miracle in the absentee ballot count, Proposition 8 is going to pass with 52% of the vote. This percentage has held pretty steady since midnight, within a few tenths of a point (why yes, I did keep waking up in the middle of the night to check), so I think any extreme movement in that number is unlikely. In all likelihood, it's over.

This is a setback. It is, in fact, crushingly disappointing (but not as crushing as I was afraid it might be -- I think unconsciously I've been bracing myself for this for awhile, and of course Obama's win helps to cushion the blow). But it's not really a surprise, given the sheer amounts of poison poured into the ears of California voters by the Yes on 8 forces over the last month. Sure, they may have triumphed today, but look what it took for them to do it. Millions and millions of dollars of out of state money. Lies and exploitation of children in their campaign ads. Outright tricking people into voting for their hateful amendment.

Okay, I'm in tears now, so maybe I'm not as resigned as I thought I was.

So the forces of hate and fear won the day. There's no getting around that. But they've only won the battle. They haven't won the war. And this war, they will lose. I still have no doubt of that. In 2000, California passed the first law banning same-sex marriage by a vote of 61%. That's a 10% change in less than 10 years, which is huge progress. If we'd had a little more time between the Supreme Court decision and the vote for people to get used to the idea, I'm sure we would have defeated this. We will see marriage equality California again, and we will see it across the United States. It's coming, and nothing can stop it.

So today I take a few minutes to mourn. And then I'll pick myself up and start fighting again. Because I thought I was determined before, but now I know what true determination is.
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